About Us
On a mission to bring together the next generation of consumer products.

NAVER Coporation is South Korea’s largest web search engine, as well as a global ICT brand that power products including LINE messenger (200 million users from around the world), SNOW video app, and Webtoon, the digital comics platform. The sustained research and development of AI, robotics, mobility, and other future technology trends propel NAVER forward in pursuit of the transformation and innovation of technology platforms, while it also remains devoted to a paradigm of shared growth, joining hands with users from the global community as well as a vast number of partnerships. In 2018, NAVER was ranked as the 9th most innovative company by Forbes and top 6th Future 50 company by Fortune magazine.

NAVER aspires to become a technology platform that enables widespread access to advanced technologies.Deeply invested in the success of the many individuals and partners involved with NAVER, we will continue to cultivate our competitiveness, turned toward the future.


Consumer Products

The app that connects 30 million people to the internet from search to everything else.
LINE Messenger
Messaging app that has become the platform for AI / fintech / digital content / last mile services to 165 million people.
Selfie camera that has become the interactive platform for millions of users to share moments.
Closed communication platform for groups that brings together millions of users.
Mobile comics platform that delivers free content to 60 million users worldwide.
Live broadcasting app that connects celebrities with 7 million fans across the world.
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Due to risks of bringing together the community physically, we have temporarily stopped receiving applications. Leave us an intro if you would like us to contact you when we reopen.
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