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We believe in the power of bringing like-minded communities together.
Grow your consumer startup with B2C startup program in Station F.

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Who ARE we


NAVER Corporation is a publicly traded Asian-born tech company owns and operates numerous tech products such as NAVER search, the #1 search engine in South Korea, and LINE Messenger, the leading instant messaging platform in Japan and South East Asia. Since 1999, we have continued to innovate consumer products for hundreds of millions of users in Asia.

In 2017, we launched Space Green to reach out to early-stage consumer teams based in France and discover exciting new trends and talent.

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Space Green

Space Green is the only consumer-focused startup program in Station F. We bring together strong, talented entrepreneurs who are committed to disrupt the status quo.

The program is in partnership with Station F, is the world’s largest startup campus based out of Paris. Station F gives our DOERS access to a vibrant community including 1000 startups, 40 venture capital investors, and many partners that all work together to build the next generation of cool products.

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24 Startups

We have worked with 24 startups, of which 10 are live at Space Green and 14 are alumni.

€75 Million

Our startups have historically raised more than €75 million in venture-backed investments.


The community you need

Space Green is a vibrant community of entrepreneurs with complementary skills. The mutual support is a game changer in the journey!

Meryem (CEO, L'Intendance)

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Applications closed
Due to risks of bringing together the community physically, we have temporarily stopped receiving applications. Leave us an intro if you would like us to contact you when we reopen.
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